Color Processing

This week I focused on analyzing the colors for each image in the collection. There are several options for doing this, and I ended up using k-means clustering. Essentially, this method allows for finding the dominant colors in the image. This differs from just finding the average color composition of... [Read More]

Data Cleaning and Project Ideas

This week (and a little last week), the readings are focused on digital humanities projects in museum spaces. This is a nice parallel to project work, as I’m getting started working with real data– though it seems like the week might be mostly focused on cleaning. There are a lot... [Read More]

Exploring Digital Projects

In addition to video tutorials for D3, this week I looked into digital project examples. Specifically, I went through the collection of digital projects focused around data mining from Yale’s Digital Humanities program. The collection is called Robots Reading Vogue. One example that interested me was called “Cover Averages”; as... [Read More]